OCT 1-2 2009

I will certainly miss my boy ...

I will certainly miss my boy ...

All checked in at DFW … the damn D8 jetway is blocking my view of the Lufthansa Airbus 340  :( HPIM1792

But I did get better shots of the KLM Airbus 330 and the North American Boeing 767 (troop charter)
KLM Airbus 330-200North American Airways Boeing 767-200

Finally a slightly better shot from the jetway. The aircraft is named after the quaint German town of Remscheid
Lufthansa Airbus 340-300 "Remscheid"

Remscheid leaves a nice shadow on the parallel taxiway as she climbs out of DFW.

The sun rises over Glasgow. Note the frost on the outer pane. If you look very closely, you can see Ian McEwan stumbling home from the corner pub!

Spoilers slow Remscheid after one of the sweetest touchdowns I have ever experienced on a 340

If you’re an airplane spotter like me, Frankfurt airport is heaven! But for the more sensible traveller, it can be a hellacious ordeal with its rundown terminals and the labyrinthine process to get from Gate A56 to B26. I saw planes from 5 continents on the ramp while just taxiing to the terminal!

Air India uses Frankfurt as a secondary hub – There are 3 of their Boeing 777s on the ramp, bound for Chicago, Newark and Delhi.

Try saying that 5 times quickly!!

“Saarland” (named for the State of Saarland) is the Boeing 747-400 that will take me to Bangalore. Lufthansa has been using the big bird on the Bangalore service for over two years now and the flight is always packed.

The Lufthansa gate agent’s valiant attempts at pronouncing a few polysyllabic jawbreaking South Indian names is mildly entertaining. I’m sure she’d have no problem saying Donaudampshippfahrtsgesselschaftskapitan (I’m not making this word up – check the link!), but somehow Balasubramaniam throws her off :)

More from Bangalore tomorrow. Cheers.

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