Oct 12 2009

Greetings from Bangalore. My apologies for the late short update today. The blog site was facing technical problems and I wasn’t able to load images. WIn any case we’ve been in transit and traffic in Bangalore can drive one up the wall. To declare it insane beyond belief is to be insanely charitable. I have nothing but respect for people that can handle this on a daily basis and still lead a cheerful, completely functional life. We’re in a very nice hotel in the central part of town. All of our relatives are far from the spots that I want to hit tomorrow AM and I want to hit them walking. I’d like to spend as little time inside an automobile as practically possible. Hence the choice of accommodation which has left some of my relatives a tad discombobulated, but I think my rationale was compelling.

I stumbled upon this very interesting book in my dad’s old library this morning. After he died, my mother donated a lot of his books to a private library, but this one slipped through the cracks. In case the resolution of the picture isn’t clear enough, I should point out that it is the third volume of the History of Mysore between 1766 and 1799 and spans a few thousand pages! I took a gander inside. The print is about 12 point times roman single spaced!

We passed this rather interesting hill (name unknown) about 40 kms outside Bangalore. Raghu was driving as if we were in the Indy 500, as you’ll probably notice from the blurred folliage in the foreground.

I took this picture from inside the car in the midst of a thicket of traffic, so I only got a portion of the building which happens to be an art gallery. Since its only a few blocks from our hotel, I’ll report on it in some more detail tomorrow.

The classic and the uber-modern are all part of the architectural potpourri in the centre of the city. This office plaza is two blocks down the street from the aforementioned (but not named) art gallery.

Since the traffic was just about making me “have a cow” anyway, I did not feel the need to pay a visit! And in any case, I doubt that any sort of “cow” would’ve been on the menu.

My nephews (about my age) Ananth and Bharath (left) took us all out for dinner at their ultra-swanky private club, complete with a climate-controlled pool, luxury suites, spas and more. They manage a collision/paint business and must be doing really well! The gentleman in the middle is my cousin Harsha (A & B’s uncle) and at the right is my mum. Harsha is a source of tremendous entertainment when he’s primed and he was in form tonight! Harsha and his sister Geetha who lives in Delhi were both Table Tennis (Ping Pong) champions in their late teens. We had a great dinner at the “Melting Pot” cafe in the club over a few Kingfishers. Ananth’s wife Nandini had had a very long day and wasn’t up to joining us, which was a pity, but they’ve promised to let me play host in Dallas sometime next year and I plan to hold them to it.

Its been a very long draining day, so I’ll call it a night. Cheers.

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